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    Weihai Yougeman Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 12 China Taiwan Road, Rushan Economic Development Zone. The total investment is 10 million yuan and covers an area of 71 acres. The new stamping workshop, assembly workshop, mold workshop, fixture workshop, office building and R & D center, with a planned construction area of 17,900㎡, is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of automotive electronics, auto supplies, and auto parts, and the import and export of goods and technologies within the scope of filing.

    Business Philosophy:
    Business Philosophy
    Quality Promise:
    Do not accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, do not pass defective products.
    Quality Policy:
    You will be our honorable client as long as we receive your project items.

    Address: No. 12, China Taiwan Road, Rushan Economic Development Zone, Weihai City,Shandong Province, China
    Phone: 0631-6767789
    Postcode: 264500

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